<b>Recovery of Coronavirus Covid 19 and Other Diseases in Human Respiratory System by Self Made Vaccine</b> Novel coronavirus Covid 19 is a special type of human attacking virus which damages human respiratory system first, then all other body organs of the patient fail. The characteristics and mutation of the coronavirus Covid 19 are not remaining same in all over the world it is frequently changing its mutation processes under different mutated strains. Therefore, unique vaccine for coronavirus Covid 19 disease is very difficult to produce like AIDS vaccine or Cancer vaccine etc. In this paper, treatment with recovery of coronavirus Covid 19 and other diseases attacking in human respiratory system is invented by a very simple ingenious method with the help of self made vaccine medicine . Coronavirus Covid 19 , Nucleic acid DNA or RNA , Proteins, Characteristics, Mutation, Coronavirus Covid 19 or other respiratory diseases vaccine 1010-1012 Issue-2 Volume-5 Dr. Pijush Kanti Bhattacharjee