<b>Floating Solar Panels A New Step towards Sustainability</b> In recent years, associate increasing variety of states have shown interest in constructing floating solar energy plants as they seek for a renewable supply of energy. India is one amongst them. Endowed daylight all year round, India is a perfect location to construct a solar power plant. However, the recent climate conjointly causes country to lose great deal of valuable water resources from reservoirs thanks to high evaporation rates. As floating solar array systems are engineered over water bodies rather than land, they are proposed to have the extra advantage of reducing evaporation rates. thus, the utilization of floating solar systems is extremely relevant to India’s context and price exploring. Energy demand during this era has accumulated that led India to travel for renewable energy sources solar power with this respect will fulfill the energy demand. This paper focuses on an overview of solar floating panels which can be a good solution to India as the land acquisition for solar farms is limited. The paper also aims at the solar floating panels design model of Kerala which is a new start to the India’s renewable energy in water. Renewable energy, solar photo voltaic, solar power plants, floating Solar System, floating solar PV installations, advantages of floating solar power plants, types of floating structures for solar power plants 138-141 Issue-2 Volume-5 Ar. Amber Shukla | Ms. Taruna Shukla | Ar. Shreya Rajkumar Acharya