<b>Twitter Big Data Analysis</b> Internet usage is increasing today. As a result, internet use changes their lifestyle. Many activities such as shopping, meeting, social environment take place on the internet. Thus, a large amount of data is generated. As the amount of data increased, studies were carried out to store this data. Storage is generally used to analyze data. Data analysis studies are used to realize the advertisements and investments of organizations in the right area and in the right way. Therefore, big data analysis has a place in many areas. The data analyze people personally, except to give information specific to only one area. As a result, the desired effect is created on the analyzed people. Therefore, one of the most used fields is the political field. The most used platform for those who want to express their opinions in the political field is Twitter. Therefore, my aim is to obtain big data via Twitter, to store this data, and to analyze the political approach of the person on the stored data. PostgreSql, Big Data, Twitter Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Java Programing 50-53 Issue-2 Volume-5 Hamza Pekdogan | Dr. Atilla Erg├╝zen