<b>Factors Influencing Contractors Selection in Construction Projects</b> Contractor selection is a critical decision that is undertaken by client organizations and is central to the success of any construction project. The process should be conducted prior to the award of contract, characterized by many factors such as contactor’s skills, experience on similar projects, track record in the industry, and financial stability. Selection of the best contractor is a vital process in construction projects. This paper identifies the most important factors that influence the selection of contractors. A questionnaire was distributed to experts in the construction domain to determine the importance of factors that are taken into consideration by the main contractor to select the most suitable contractor. A survey was carried out which was conducted with many experts in the construction field to determine the score of each factor. contractor selection, construction project, client 24-28 Issue-2 Volume-5 Dr. V. Sathish Kumar | Dr. P. R. Dhevasena