<b>Yogic Diet for Immunity and Health</b> Holistic health is the basic need of life. If health is good, anybody can get the success in his life. But health depends on our thinking, lifestyle, diet and many aspects. In which food plays a very important role in the care of health. Food is a natural need of life, in our diet we should concentrate for that food which is good for health. If we search deeply, there are many types of food, in which ‘Yogic Diet’ has immense importance. In Ayurveda, food is classified into 12 groups and The Bhagavadgita also classifies food as Sattvik, Rajasik and Tamasik. It has elucidated the three categories of food and its effect on human body and mind. All the foods are directly effectd on Tridoshas of our body if we are not following the path of yogic ahara. Mithahar and sattvic is essential, according to the Ayurveda and the findings of modern research supports the yogic way of intermittent fasting for boosting the immunity and maintenance of good health. Yoga, Diet, Tridosha, Mitahar and Immunity 906-910 Issue-1 Volume-5 Dr. Kishore Mukhopadhyay