<b>Results of Sulfuric Acid Leaching of Ash from Oil Shale from Aktau Deposit</b> Hydrometallurgical methods are aimed at leaching to extract valuable components into a sulfuric acid solution, as well as selective extraction on ion exchange resins by sorption of valuable components such as vanadium oxide and molybdenum oxide. The presented methods are not implemented on an industrial scale, since there is no processing of oil shale in the Republic. A prospective scheme for processing ash from oil shale deposits has been analyzed. It includes the addition of sodium chlorine to the heat treatment process pyrolysis , the resulting ash is leached in vats with sulfuric acid 130 g l, at room temperature, S W = 1 3, duration 60 minutes. The resulting metal bearing sulfuric acid solution is filtered and sent to sorption, as well as precipitation. The extraction of metals into solution is more than 60 70 molybdenum and vanadium. It should be noted that with an increase in the consumption of sulfuric acid over 130 g l, the concentration of metals in the productive solution does not increase. For the extraction of metals from the productive solutions of leaching ash from oil shale in the Aktau deposit, the following ion exchange resins of the England Company PUROLITE were used for the extraction of molybdenum grade A 100 and vanadium grade A 109. extractant 1, hydrometallurgy 2, leaching 3, molybdenum 4, oil shale 5, sulfuric acid 6, vanadium 7 1187-1190 Issue-1 Volume-5 Almatov Ilhomjon Mirzabek Ogli