<b>Effect of Coconut Shell as a Coarse Aggregates on Behavior of Concrete</b> The prices of building materials are rising day by day. The main ingredient of the concrete is coarse aggregate. Nowadays, many of the researchers are researching the material which can reduce the cost of construction as well as increase the cost. In developing countries, the possibility of using some agricultural wastes as well as industrial by products from different industries as construction materials will be highly desirable and has found to have several practical advantages. It was observed that the coconut shell has a great potential as a partial replacement of the aggregate in the concrete. The present work is only an accumulation of information about GFRGC and the research work which is already carried out by other researchers. Coarse aggregate were used in proportions of 5 , 10 , 15 to replace coarse aggregate in conventional concrete. The high demand for concrete in the construction using normal weight aggregates such as gravel and granite drastically reduces the natural stone deposits and this has damaged the environment there by causing ecological imbalance. This study aims in development the mix design of lightweight aggregate concrete using Coarse Shell as coarse aggregate together with cement and river sand. Coconut shell reinforced composites have been used as cheap and durable non structural elements. Coconut shell, aggregate, partial replacement, lightweight concrete, Coconut Shell, Coarse Aggregate 11-12 Issue-2 Volume-5 Shubhangi B. Dhoble | Dr. S. G. Makarande | Prof. V. A. Kalmegh