<b>Flotation Results of Oxidized Copper Ores of the Kalmakyr Deposit</b> According to preliminary calculations, oxidized copper ores in the dumps of the Kalmakyr deposit are about 107.6 million tons 01.01.2020 of which Balance ores 12.1 million tons with a Cu content of 0.8 Au 1.2 g t Ag 3.9 g t. Off balance ores 95.5 million tons with content Cu 0.3 Au 0.4 g t Ag 2 g t. Total metals copper 373 thousand tons, gold 56.6 tons, silver 246.5 tons. The total reserves of metals in the accumulated dumps are estimated at 373 thousand tons of copper, 56.6 tons of gold and 246.5 tons of silver, which is of interest primarily for non ferrous metallurgy. As a result of a set of studies carried out on samples of oxidized copper ore dumps from the Kalmakyr deposit, the following conclusions can be drawn Three methods hydrometallurgical, flotation and combined of processing oxidized copper ores of the Kalmakyr deposit have been shown experimentally and cathode copper with a content of 99.6 , a gold bearing concentrate with a gold content of 36.5 g t and silver content of 47.1 g t. Optimal modes and indicators of concentration efficiency are determined. On the basis of laboratory studies, a technology for processing oxidized copper ores of the Kalmakyr deposit has been proposed. Technological schemes for processing dumps of oxidized copper ores from the Kalmakyr deposit have been developed and recommended for implementation, the implementation of which will make it possible to obtain an estimated 6,183 tons of copper, 425 kg of gold and 707 kg of silver per year. oxidized copper, extraction, electro winning, leaching 621-624 Issue-1 Volume-5 Usenov Rasul Bovirjonovich | Yusupkhodjaev Asad Mahamatovich | Kholtursunov Farkhod Nurmatovich