<b>Determination of Area of Obscuration between Two Circles by Method of Integration</b> Obscuration is the phenomenon of covering of a certain percentage of area of an object by another. It can be a governing variable in radiation heat transfer, fluid dynamics and so on. Although modern day analytical tools allow determination of area of obscuration, the non availability of handy formulae for theoretical calculations has lead to this study. In this study, the method of integration shall be used to determine the area of obscuration for various cases. Two circles of different radii shall be considered for this study. Various positions shall be considered and based on the combinations obtained, expressions for the area of obscuration shall be derived. This study aims at enumerating and exploring various cases so as to pave way towards a further study of general formulae to arrive at required expressions. Thus the theoretically obtained area can be used in various calculations as and when found of necessity. Obscuration, area, integration, definite, modulus 215-219 Issue-1 Volume-5 Gourav Vivek Kulkarni