<b>Functional Approach as a Beginning Method for Teaching and Learning Piano Accompaniment in Music</b> Piano playing is an integral skill in music education in which students require mastery of the fundamental concepts and principles in terms of piano instruction, as well as in teaching learning processes. In the part of teaching, which is the piano pedagogy, facilitating learning in playing the piano serves as a ground to develop individuals on a particular skill in each grade level in accordance with the learning competencies enumerated in the Music Curriculum Guide by the Department of Education. This article aimed to describe the context of the functional approach of piano accompaniment to make an easy way of learning the piano accompaniment in the most convenient and fastest time, as well as to accompany certain music or composition in minimal learning time. The practical way of learning piano skills is the observation and use of musical elements through their functions. In this approach, there are four identified components in learning and playing the piano accompaniment musical elements and functions, musical patterns, musical piano accompaniment styles, and musical piano composition. By this process of learning, gradually, the manner of playing, the style, the elements, and other components of piano accompaniment will be combined to modify and to discover the aesthetic value and characteristics of music composition as well as the wisdom of the music itself. beginning method, functional approach, music, piano, piano accompaniment 51-54 Issue-1 Volume-5 Almighty C. Tabuena