<b>Financial Health of Food Processing Industry in Tinsukia District of Assam</b> Food processing industry transforms raw food stuff or semi finished food into a convenient form for the use of end users. This industry is linked with the activities of agriculture, horticulture, plantation, dairy, animal husbandry and fisheries. Development of food processing industry minimises wastage of agricultural raw materials, increases the value of agricultural products and ensures better prices to farmers as well as affordable prices to consumers. The researcher has made an attempt to access financial analysis of the food processing industry of the district. The financial analysis of the food processing industrial units is attempted to make through liquidity measurement, solvency measurement, profitability measurement and break even analysis. The infrastructural problem, existence of large number of unskilled workers, absence of wider market, frequent strikes, improper banking provisions, absence of government supports are found as the major hurdles in the development of food processing units in Tinsukia district. Though the food processing industrial units are contributing a lot towards the district economy as well as state economy, the policy makers and the governmental officers are seen to neglect their role and contribution. There is a need to transform the outlook of young generation of the district financial analysis liquidity solvency profitability breakeven analysis 647-652 Issue-6 Volume-1 Mukunda Madhab Gogoi