<b>Keyloggers A Malicious Attack</b> Keylogging, one of the unsafe malware, is the movement of recording the keys struck on a console with the end goal that the individual utilizing the console is obscure about the way that their activities are being watched. It has legitimate use in examination of human PC collaboration and is considered as the primary danger for business and individual exercises. It tends to be utilized to catch passwords and other secret data entered by means of the console. Subsequently, counteraction of keylogging is significant and severe validation is needed for it. Planning of secure confirmation conventions is very testing, taking into account that different sorts of root units dwell in Personal Computers to watch client s conduct. There are different keylogging procedures, stretching out from equipment and programming based techniques to acoustic assessment. Human contribution in confirmation conventions, however ensuring, isn t straightforward. This paper surveys different examination regions which spread convention confirmations utilized safely forestalling the representation of keylogging assaults. Keylogging Authentication Protocol Acoustic examination Visualization 34-38 Issue-1 Volume-5 Dr. C. Umarani | Rajrishi Sengupta