<b>Foreign Experience in the Development of Agricultural Tourism and its Application in the Republic of Uzbekistan</b> Agrotourism is agricultural tourism, classified as the activity of farmers providing services related to recreation and education of the population in order to sell agricultural products and earn additional income Purdue University, USA .The tourism industry in the modern world is one of the largest and most profitable dynamically developing sectors of the world economy. Tourism accounts for 10 of the world s gross national product, investment, jobs and consumer spending. In the last decade, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization UNWTO , revenues from the tourism industry have been increasing annually with an average 7.9 , while the share of agricultural tourism in the tourism sector of the economy is growing at an even higher rate. Tourism, which originated in the middle of the twentieth century in France and Italy, today has a strong place in the economy of these countries. Agrotourism has been developed not only in these countries, but also in the USA, England, Spain, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Japan, Malaysia, etc. Agrotourism is a sphere of tourism that begins to compete with resort and cultural tourism, which is confirmed by practice foreign countries. ethnographic, rural, ethno tourism, rural house, rural work, agrotourism, rural tourism, MICE tourism, cultural tourism, folk festivals 7-11 Modern Trends in Scientific Research and Development, Case of Asia Special Issue Dilfuza Igamberdievna Abidova | Dilnoza Safarovna Umirova