<b>A Study on Neikuri in Hypertension</b> The methodology of diagnosis in Siddha system is based on eight fold examinations of pulse, reflex, tongue, body color and complexion, speech, eyes and sight, stools and urine. Of all these parameters, Urine examination has gained paramount importance next to pulse examination. Neikuri is a diagnostic tool of urine examination using Sesame seed oil developed by Siddhars and also throws a light on prognosis of disease condition. This is an attempt to understand the Siddha system of diagnosing pathological conditions which are a non invasive, highly cost effective procedure which can be used for both diagnostic and prognostic purposes. This study aims to validate the Neikuri image on the patients diagnosed as Hypertension. For the purpose of the study, ten urine samples of Hypertension patients were collected and the oil drop test was conducted using the guidelines mentioned the Siddha Literature. Majority of samples showed a ring shape like circle under Iyam humor. This study can be used as referenced diagnostic criteria for Hypertension. 507-509 Issue-6 Volume-1 S. Mohamed Ajmal | M. Nagalakshmi | A. Raja Rajeswari