<b>A Review on Experimental Analysis of Double Pass Solar Air Heater With Baffled Absorber Plate</b> This review paper based on the study of different type of solar air heater with baffled fin and without using baffle fin. It has been observed that the thermal efficiency of baffled duct type solar air heater is higher than smooth duct solar air heater. Highest thermal performance advantage in wide range of air flow rate. The heat transfer coefficient between the absorber plate and air can be considerably increased by using artificial roughness on the bottom plate and under the absorber plate of a solar air heater duct. Study and analysis of roughness and operating parameters on heat transfer. The study has covered the range of Reynolds number Re depending on types of the configuration of the solar collectors. Based on the values of Nusselt number Nu have been determined for different values of configurations and operating parameters. To determine the increase in heat transfer and increment in thermal performance, the values of Nusselt have been compared with those of smooth duct and baffled fin under similar flow conditions. The enhancement is attributed to the heat transfer increases due to the perforated baffles on the absorber plate and reduction in the mean absorber plate temperature. solar air heater, blower, Baffled plate, thermal efficiency 496-500 Issue-6 Volume-1 Vivek Singh | Ajay Singh | Ashish Verma