<b>Vulnerability of Slums to Livelihood Security A Case Study of 3 JJ Clusters, Delhi</b> Vulnerability has been defined as the characteristics of a person or a group of persons i.e. in terms of their capacity to cope with, anticipate, resist and recover from the impacts of natural or man made hazards or any external event. Vulnerability is also defined as the inability to withstand the effects of hostile environment. Hostile environment refers to livelihood security in this research. Concept of vulnerability is described within five categories of livelihood security, which are economic, social, education, food and health. The parameters for assessing the vulnerability of slums for different location are within the five categories of livelihood security that are economic security, social security, education security, food security and health security. Vulnerability, livelihood security, health security, social security, economic security, food security, education security 437-447 Issue-6 Volume-1 Shweta Sharma | Akhil Chhibber