<b>Cytokine and COVID19 A Literature Review</b> The outbreak of Covid 19 was initially identified in Wuhan city of China in December 2019 and led to a global pandemic. Clinical evidence indicates that covid 19 infection can range from asymptomatic or mild symptoms in the majority of cases to serious complication such as ARDS, multi organ failure and death in severe cases. It has been also indicated that there is uncontrolled and excessive production of cytokine in critically ill patients of covid 19 which give rise to “cytokine storm”. Which are responsible for the exacerbation of symptoms and development of the disease There are many unresolved questions regarding the pathological features, pathophysiological mechanisms and treatment of the cytokine storm induced by covid 19. This review will be aimed at suggesting therapeutic strategies such as the use of immunomodulators to confront the cytokine storm and an overview of the current understanding of the covid 19 infection. Covid 19, cytokine, Cytokine storm, Inflammation, Immunomodulation 1469-1472 Issue-6 Volume-4 Shatabdi Dey | Sreekiran. CV