<b>Lung Cancer Detection using Machine Learning</b> Modern three dimensional 3 D medical imaging offers the potential and promise for major advances in science and medicine as higher fidelity images are produced. Due to advances in computer aided diagnosis and continuous progress in the field of computerized medical image visualization, there is need to develop one of the most important fields within scientific imaging. From the early basis report on cancer patients it has been seen that a greater number of people die of lung cancer than from other cancers such as colon, breast and prostate cancers combined. Lung cancer are related to smoking or secondhand smoke , or less often to exposure to radon or other environmental factors that’s why this can be prevented. But still it is not yet clear if these cancers can be prevented or not. In this research work, approach of segmentation, feature extraction and Convolution Neural Network CNN will be applied for locating, characterizing cancer portion. Lung Cancer, Image Processing, Machine Learning, K means, Gray Level Co Occurrence Matrix GLCM 1399-1402 Issue-6 Volume-4 Harpreet Singh | Er. Ravneet Kaur |