<b>A Literature Review on the Role of Zycotherm as an Additive used in Bitumen</b> Water is one of the prominent damaging elements in asphalt pavement due to its enormous detrimental effects on pavement performance. Moisture damage induced by the actions of water reduces the strength as well as durability of asphalt mixtures, tends to cause various types of distress such as potholes, stripping, and others to the pavement, formed by lack of cohesion and adhesion. To sort out this problem, the modification of bitumen is needed to enhance its properties for pavement surface. Ergo, the current paper introduces the findings of prior research studies on Zycotherm s effect as an anti stripping agent, recently developed, chemically reactive nanomaterial that imparts strength to the surface of the pavement. In this study, optimum bitumen content by Marshal Mix Design, without and with necessary dosages of Zycotherm upgraded from Zycosoil and alterations in properties are reported through various tests. Zycotherm, Anti stripping, Optimum binder content, Zycosoil, Nanomaterial 1354-1360 Issue-6 Volume-4 Dr. Maninder Singh | Dr. Kunal Jain | Sukhjinder Singh Kahlon