<b>Diagnostic Procedure Associated with Astrological Concepts A Literature Review</b> Astrology and medicine are intimately linked in as much as the science of healing forms an important part of remedial astrology. Principles and training of medical astrology is an intricate subject that needs a great compact of knowledge and in depth study. The main utility of medical astrology is to determine as to whether the cosmic effects under different planetary conditions at the time of a disease are likely to be beneficial or detrimental to the patient and implement the diagnostic plan accordingly. This study was designed to review the astrological concepts that have been used to establish a correlation between the planets and diseases in terms of the signs of the zodiac that have shown a strong relationship with diseases and different parts of the human body. The review was based on notable manuscripts and other texts that contain descriptions of this relationship. The study revealed that the signs form the part of the body of the Kalpuru a starting from Aries and starting from the Ascendant. Thus, an astrologer can foresee the possibility of a person liable to suffer before the onset of the disease. From the calculation of the period and sub periods of the planets, he can determine the time of the onset of the disease and its duration on the basis of one s horoscope. Horoscope is a very potential instrument that can be used effectively in diagnostic and treatment plans. However, apart from the indications of the diseases that may be present in a horoscope, the astrologer must seriously analyze the transiting influences and the circumstances of the case on hand for accurate diagnosis. Thus, it can be concluded that medical astrology, if used with a sense of proper understanding, can aid medical diagnosis. Medical Astrology, cosmic effects, Kalpuru a, Aries, Ascendant 1492-1494 Issue-6 Volume-4 Samaranayake G. V. P | Dharmapriya A. K. H | Ven Dhammissara Maduruoye