<b>Nature and Human Domination</b> In this paper, I contend that non human animals are being subjected to torture and cruel experimentations by humans which are ongoing for centuries. This attitude which is ingrained in the thoughts of humanity is extended to other creatures in nature beginning with mankind and the non human world. Several endangered species are getting extinct in various ecological niches in an alarming rate. The pre colonial outlook of Africa did not experience these rapid ecological crises until the influence of phenomena such as colonization and globalization emanating from the Western culture. I argue that African countries have created a lot of ecological imbalances in their environment in an attempt to ‘develop’. Also, factors like poverty and ignorance are germane in prompting Africans to over exploit and destroy their environment. Furthermore, in this paper I suggest that, Africans have to adopt an indigenous and Eco bio communitarian perspective to development based on effective African spirituality whereby man and nature commune together. Children must be thought African values from the primary to the university levels. This will enable them know that for human existence to be fruitful, there must be an interdependent relationship between man and nature. Eco bio communitarian Totems Nature African Spirituality Eco justice, Development 706-712 Issue-6 Volume-4 Bengyedla Ferdinant Nteh