<b>Research on the Early Warning Mechanism of Cold Chain Logistics Risk of Fresh Agricultural Products</b> In recent years, fresh agricultural product safety incidents have emerged one after another, and the quality risk of fresh agricultural products has become a pain in the cold chain. This research first summarizes the status quo of cold chain logistics of fresh agricultural products and the research results of related literature, proposes the direction and purpose of this research, and then establishes a risk warning system for the cold chain logistics risks of fresh agricultural products conducts relevant through expert interviews, questionnaires, etc. Data collection, combined with the characteristics of the cold chain logistics of fresh agricultural products, sorted out a first level risk indicator system based on processing risk, packaging risk, transportation risk, inventory risk, management risk, and information risk finally, SPSS 21.0 was used for data analysis and established The linear equation constructs a cold chain logistics risk early warning model for fresh agricultural products, which provides quantifiable results for fresh agricultural products enterprises, verifies the feasibility of the model through empirical analysis, and further enriches the research on fresh agricultural products, which has certain reality Meaning and academic value. fresh agricultural products cold chain logistics risk early warning system factor analysis 751-758 Issue-6 Volume-4 Lu Zhen Yi | Hao Danyang