<b>Performance and Emissions Characteristics of an Automotive Diesel Engine Fueled with Petroleum Based Fuel from Plastic Pyrolysis Oil and its Diesel Blends</b> An interesting alternative fuel for Diesel Engines in the form of liquid oil derived from waste plastics, to solve the problem arises from the depletion of fossil fuels and disposal problem of the very large amount of plastic wastes produced from households and industrials. This present paper describes the production and testing of Liquid fuel derived from waste plastics by the pyrolysis process at different proportions 10 , 20 , and 30 . The fuel produced is then tested in a fully instrumented diesel engine, without any engine modifications. The chemical properties such as GCMS, and FTIR results of the oil derived from waste plastics, compared with the diesel fuel, and found that it has similar properties to that of diesel fuel. The experimental investigation on the pyrolysis oil with diesel blends shows a notable increase in engine performance and a significant reduction in emission characteristics while compared with commercial diesel fuels. Thus, the results specify that modified plastic pyrolysis oil can be considered for an alternative fuel to diesel engines with better performance and reduce emission. Alternative fuel pyrolysis oil plastics diesel fuel GCMS FT IR modified fuel disposal problem of plastics 376-381 Issue-6 Volume-4 Alex Y | Roji George Roy