<b>A Comparative Study on Mutual Funds</b> Indian Mutual Fund industry offers a plethora of schemes and serves broadly all type of investors. The range of products includes equity funds, debt, liquid, gilt and balanced funds. There are also meant exclusively for young and old, small and large investors. Moreover, the setup of a legal structure, which has enough teeth to safeguard investor’s interest, ensures that the investors are not cheated out of their hard earned money. All in all, benefits provided by them cut across the boundaries of investor category and thus create for them, a universal appeal. In view of the growing competition in the Mutual Funds industry, it was felt necessary to study the investors orientation towards Mutual Funds i.e. their pattern of risk apatite and preferences in various schemes, plans and options in order to providing a better service. 229-232 Issue-6 Volume-4 N. Sai Kumar | Dr. P. Jayarami Reddy