<b>Recent Trends in the Study of Herpes Zoster Virus Causing Diseases and Cancer in Human</b> Varicella zoster virus causes chickenpox and shingles herpes zoster in human. Some of the disease manifestations of herpes zoster are noted as post herpetic neuralgia, optic neuritis and encephalitis including cancer. Though, herpes zoster with the development of cancer in human has a murky relationship, recently it has been proved that herpes zoster develops a variety of cancer in human too. On the contrary, studies have also shown the patients with haematological or solid tumor cancer had a much higher risk of having herpes zoster than those with no cancer detection. The present paper is an attempt to discuss the researches done so far in the field of herpes zoster virus developing diseases and cancer in human. Varicella zoster, chickenpox, Herpes zoster, Risk of cancer 180-183 Issue-6 Volume-4 Dr. Mohammad Salim | P. K. Singh | I. P. Prajapati | T. P. Singh