<b>A Review on Integration of Wind Turbines in Distributed Generation Power System</b> Wind power is one of the mostly used renewable source of energy generated in recent decades. To be systems that are directly connected to the grid system, it is important to use the high voltage and get the high voltage converted from the turbine. Energy storage is needed to operate the electrical system efficiently. These storage areas are continuously controlled to coincide with the generation and operation of the system and, thus, to maintain the electrical frequency in prescribed limits. They are usually provided with standard integrated composite units such as hydraulic or thermal power plants. With the continuous depletion of these generating plants for non synchronous power plants e.g. wind and solar the rate of saturation of the synchronization power in the system decreases. Speed instability of wind presents the incredible difficulty of planning the wind power available in advance. For this reason, the purpose of this paper is to introduce the techniques developed in recent years and, as such, provide a control solution that mimics the conditions of various wind turbines. Maximum power point, batter energy storage system, battery energy storage, renewable energy, frequency control 65-69 Issue-6 Volume-4 Aman Malik | Kavita Sharma