<b>Curriculum Content Quality and Educational Wastage in Secondary Schools of the Littoral Region of Cameroon</b> Education is a vital tool in the developmental process of any given nation and therefore a critical examination of any weakness in education is essential, for it has a bearing at both individual and national fronts. In spite of the heavy investments made by the Cameroon government on education, the delivery of quality secondary education still faces various challenges. One of these biggest challenges is wastage. The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of curriculum content quality on educational wastage in English speaking secondary schools of the Littoral Region of Cameroon. This objective was then transformed into research question and hypothesis. The mixed research methodology with an explanatory sequential design was used. The accessible population of the study was made up of 2166 elements from where a sample of 568 participants was selected, distributed as follows 412 lower sixth students, 112 teachers, 12 vice principals deans of studies and 32 Heads of Department. Data were collected using questionnaire, interview guides and focus group discussion guides. The reliability coefficients for the students’ and teachers’ questionnaire were of 0.743 and 0.768 respectively. Qualitative data were analyzed thematically, while quantitative data were analyzed using descriptive statistic. The hypothesis was tested through inferential statistics using the Pearson Product Moment Correlation. The findings revealed that curriculum content has an inverse influence on educational wastage. The study then recommended that more hands on activities be included in the curriculum, while secondary schools should have direct links with industries that can prepare teachers and students towards job creation. Educational Wastage, Repetition, Stagnation, Dropout, Non employability, Non usability of knowledge and Curriculum content quality 32-41 Issue-6 Volume-4 Agborbechem Peter Tambi | Ndifor Jean Ndemmazea