<b>Intelligent Shopping</b> Purchasing and shopping in huge shopping centres is turning into a day by day action in metropolitan urban communities. We can see a ton of flurry in these shopping centres during the special seasons and ends of the week. This group becomes tremendous when there are exceptional offers and limits. Individuals purchase various things and put them in a truck. After the full buy, you need to go to the charging work area for instalments. At the registration counter, the counter guy reads the receipt utilizing the scanner tag scanner, which takes quite a while and includes a long line at the registration counter. Radio recurrence ID RFID innovation cannot just assistance rearrange stock and flexibly chains, it could likewise crowd purchasers. Every shopping centre item, markets will have a RFID tag, to discriminate its sort. Every cart is structured or executed with an product ID that includes a microcontroller, LCD, RFID scanner and RF module. The data on the acquisition of the item will be perused a RFID scanner in the truck. The focal charging framework gets the data on the truck and the data will be sent to Android utilizing the Bluetooth module. The fundamental objective of this report was to give programmed charging to keep away from lines in shopping centres and grocery stores. RFID tags, LCD, RFID reader, Renessa microcontroller 60-64 Issue-6 Volume-4 Pranam B S | Mrs. Dr. B S Shylaja