<b>An Assessment of Socio Economic Causes of Commuting of Constructional Workers A Case Study of Moradabad City</b> The present study is an attempt to assess the demographic and socio economic characteristics of constructional workers who commute to Moradabad city. The main focus of the study has been on investigating the causes which derive the constructional workers to commute to city. For accomplishment this objective, a field survey has been conducted in Moradabad city on daily labour markets and the major constructional sites to collect the data by using a well structured questionnaire in month of April May, 2017 by following the simple random sampling method. The 25 constructional workers consisting 627 respondents were sampled from each daily labor markets of Moradabad city. The data obtained through the survey has been analysed by simple percentage and average method. Overall analysis reveals that most of workers are either small farmers or farm labourer and most of them were compelled to commute to city due to their declining size of landholding, and increasing landlessness which results in losing the potential to sustain their livelihoods. Besides irregularity of work, seasonal and arduous nature of work were also other significant factors responsible for commuting. The study also suggests pertinent suggestions to reduce the rate of commuting of daily wage earners by making them economically sound and socially sustained in their place of domicile. Commuting, Constructional Workers, Socio Economic Causes, Moradabad City 4-11 Issue-6 Volume-4 Nazish Naz | Jabir Hasan Khan