<b>Extraction and Assessment on Non Catalytic and Catalytic Wij’s Method of Iodine Value Measurement of some Extracted Oils of Different Groundnut Varieties Grown in India</b> Present research examines the comparison between catalytic or accelerated method with original or non catalytic Wijs method for IV analysis.In the present work, Fast method is used for the measurement of Iodine value IV , wherein mercuric acetate is directly used in the powder form. The method only requires to add the catalyst mercuric acetate in the process of determination without changing the operational steps of the Wijs method. Compared with the Wijs method in which it will take at least 30 minutes to finish it, the fast determination method can make the determination reaction finished in 3 minutes. The iodine value of extracted oils of different groundnut seeds varieties such as Rajasthan Nagori RD 1 10 RRD1 10 , G10 Gujarat G10G , Shivpuri Sv ,Rajasthan Gugeri Rg ,TMV 2,G2 52, Karad 9 Kd 9 and T 64 were determined by regular Wijs method for 30 minutes whereas when we apply catalytic Wijs method with use of 2 mg, 5 mg and 10 mg of mercuric acetate to perform as catalyst then it is reducing the time of analysis to 3 minutes. The analytical results showed that there was no great difference between the two methods with the relative error less than 0.2 . When catalyst is used the different values obtained for standard deviations are 0.17 for 2mg, 0.33for 5mg and 0.27 for 10 mg whereas 0.26 for non catalyst addition and 0.2 for oil content. The resultsobtained in the present work shows Rg, Kd 9 and T 64 has more difference in IV in case of 2mg catalyst. IV Iodine Value , Wijs method, mercuric acetate, groundnut seed extracted oils 1719-1723 Issue-5 Volume-4 Dr. Shashikant Pardeshi