<b>A Study on Portfolio Management</b> Portfolio Management is a very generic term used to refer to the management of different assets. In the financial markets, there are many assets available, such as stocks, bonds, and Treasury bill, commodities, currencies. etc., The main objective of portfolio management is to maximize the return and minimize the risk for that one should do the process of selection of portfolio, analysis of portfolio, revision of portfolio and evaluation of portfolio from time to time. India is developing country in which stock market is growing day by day. Indian stock markets have attracted huge Foreign Institutional Investors FII that is nearly 40 of investment. The study is to analysis risk, return of the selected to stocks, showing the best combination of portfolio using beta, sharp index value. Risk, Return, Beta and Sharp Value 1409-1411 Issue-5 Volume-4 V. Gajendra Yadav | Dr. P. Basaiah