<b>Wildlife and Safari Industry in Sri Lanka</b> As a blooming industry in Sri Lanka, Tourism and Hospitality plays a major role while providing significant contribution to the society. This study has made a humble attempt to emphasize Safari and Wild life in Sri Lanka and how to uplift this industry while preserving both wildlife and environment of Sri Lanka with the recommendation from government authorities, Travel companies and people who are directly and indirectly beneficial. Hence, the study able to gain explicit view regarding the safari activities, upcoming events and how it impacts on the total tourism industry and uniqueness of Sri Lankan Safari experience that requires future developments to become world’s best travel destination. I express my heartfelt gratitude to officers of the Department of Wildlife Conservation, Yala National Park in Sri Lanka and especially to the officers of Travel companies who are engaging in Safari Activities and all the other staff members of there for giving an opportunity to carry out this study. Wildlife, Tourism, Safari Industry 1308-1328 Issue-5 Volume-4 M. N. Tharanga