<b>A Critical Study of Impact of COVID 19 on Online Learning</b> A qualitative content analysis research was carried out to study the impact of pandemic ally spread Coronavirus on Online Learning Platforms for tertiary education level employing various tech savvy applications and e platforms. This study reviewed around 150 published studies and research on online media since December 2019, primarily focussing on assorted universities that have exercised virtual learning platforms in the form of videoconferencing podcasts or webcam videos , webinars, Audio Conferencing, Live streaming applications, e Workshops, e Conferences so on and so forth during COVID 19. It has swamped nearly all the sectors of the economy affecting entirely, the social class pyramid simultaneously damaging the business, marketing and its services to its population. The purpose of this study is to evaluate as to how education sector manifested temporary reforms and has been able to cope up with ongoing widespread disease by transcending towards content delivery to learners, students and readers nationally and internationally. COVID 19, online learning, pandemic, Web 3.0, e learning, Learning Management System LMS , digital learning, Higher Education HE , University Grants Commission UGC 954-963 Issue-5 Volume-4 Jasvin Kaur | Gurjeet Kaur | Punam Aggarwal