<b>Quine and the Abortive Scientific Revival of Metaphysics</b> A critical analysis of Quine metaphysics leads to the idea that nothing exist independent of natural sciences. This obliges us into the question can metaphysics be reduced to a natural science To tackle this question Quine dismantles First Philosophy by considering it as prior philosophy which is meaningless in the context of natural sciences. Affirmatively, he adopts naturalism whose locus is science. In line with this, he revived metaphysics from its speculative or abstract nature to a discipline that is continuous with natural sciences. This is attained through the pragmatic value of metaphysics. That is, via its application in the scientific processes. But in the final analysis metaphysics cannot be accommodated by natural sciences because it would be the loss of its essence of speculation and abstraction. The abortive revival of metaphysics is also explained by the fact natural sciences have a common denominator which is the scientific method and metaphysics is not structure on this method. metaphysics, naturalism, abortive and revival 530-537 Issue-5 Volume-4 Abdu Karimo Baji | Chatue Jacques