<b>Measurement of Radon Exhalation Rates from the Samples of Soil and Rocks</b> Radon and its daughter products are the major sources of radiation exposure and recognized as one of the health hazards for human beings. In the present work, I have reviewed 20 papers in which the soil samples are collected to different places of India and other countries. The Effective radium and radon exhalation rates in the samples of soil and rock have been used passive techniques for alpha particles emission with “Closed Can Technique”, “RRC passive Technique”, “Alpha guard equipment and Gamma tracer”. The soil samples belonging to different places of India and other countries. All the values of radium content in soil samples of study area were found to be quite lower than the permissible value of 370 BqKg 1 recommended by Organization for Economic Cooperation and development OECD1979 . The highest activity Surface exhalation rate, mass exhalation rate, soil, plastic track detector etc 580-585 Issue-5 Volume-4 Ashima | Sandeep Kansal | Sanjay Aggarwal