<b>Content to Develop the Love of Malati and Madhav</b> Love is the main theme of Sanskrit literature like any other literature in the world. Love is the traditional feeling of the human heart. Vaas Kalidasa playwrights have become popular in Sanskrit literature by expressing pleasant forms of love. They are all primarily influenced by the Kama Sutra and are skilled at drawing the consequences of love. Because life never stops in the midst of a barrier. Life is always moving in its direction. And the hero heroine s love and discipline is not bound by any rules. Many thinkers in the East and in the West have talked about love. For example in ‘Rasaratnakara’ ‘ ’ , Love is ‘ . There are two aspects of love separation and orgasm i.e. separation and reunion. That is why it is said that love cannot have consequences without separation. Madhav and Malati are the protagonists of the Maltimadhab variant composed by Bhavabhuti. The love of the hero heroine also seems to be influenced by Kamashastra. Because Batsyayan says in the description of different stages of love chitrafalak,bakulbithi, secondary character. 614-616 Issue-5 Volume-4 Subrata Kumar Manna