<b>Microsponge An Aeon in Therapeutics</b> The drug delivery technology has become vastly competitive and rapidly evolving. More and more developments in delivery systems are being assimilated to elevate the efficacy and cost effectiveness of the therapy. To govern the delivery rate of active pharmaceutical agents to a predetermined site inside the body has been one of the biggest challenges faced by the drug industry. Microsponge releases its active pharmaceutical ingredient in a time mode and also in response to other stimuli rubbing, temperature, pH, etc. . Microsponge drug delivery technology offers entrapment of active pharmaceutical ingredients and is believed to contribute towards reduced side effects, improved stability, increased elegance, and enhanced formulation flexibility. In addition, number of studies have confirmed that microsponges systems are non irritating, non mutagenic, non allergenic, and non toxic. Microsponge technology is being used currently in a wide range of formulations. Microsponge Delivery System, Controlled release, Quasi emulsion solvent diffusion, Recent Advances 745-754 Issue-5 Volume-4 Prajakta Shinde | Nilesh Bhosle | Vijay Munde