<b>Design and Implementation of Smart Monitoring Systems in Hospital Wagon using IoT Technology A Case Study</b> Nowadays, many researchers are contributing their research in the field of Internet of things IOT , since it is important and attractive technology. IOT means communication between human to device or device to device, anywhere in real time. This communication takes place with the help of different smart sensors which are connected via internet. In the IOT infrastructure different sensors can sense, analyse, transmit and store all the datas on cloud. This paper presents a wearable sensor network system for Internet of Things IoT connected safety and health applications. The wearable sensors on different subjects can communicate with each other and transmit the data to a gateway via a Local Area Network which forms a heterogeneous IoT platform with wifi based medical signal sensing network. It consists of two sections the basic information and condition of patient is collected in the wagon by the means IoT Internet of Things and make it available to hospital before the emergency vehicle reaches the hospital. On the base of such data, the system is able to detect anomalous situations and provide information about the status directly and exclusively to the hospital. The second path is control of traffic lights from the wagon and makes free for its path automatically. This project is to save the time of major late time aspects in more efficient manner and save the life. Datas on cloud, Wearable sensors, wife 17-20 Issue-5 Volume-4 Mrs. S. Kirthica | Mrs. S. Priyadharsini