<b>Octagonal Fuzzy Transportation Problem Using Different Ranking Method</b> Transportation Problem is used on supply and demand of commodities transported from one source to the different destinations. Finding solution of Transportation Problems are North West Corner Rule, Least Cost Method and Vogel’s Approximation Method etc. In this paper Octagonal Fuzzy Numbers using Transportation problem by Best Candidates Method and Robust ranking method and Centroid Ranking Technique and Proposed Ranking Method. A Comparative study is Triangular Fuzzy Numbers and Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers and Octagonal Fuzzy Numbers. The transportation cost can be minimized by using of Proposed Ranking Method under Best Candidates Method. The procedure is illustrated with a numerical example. Transportation problems, Octagonal fuzzy numbers, Robust Ranking method, BCM method, CRT, PRM, Initial Basic Feasible Solution, Optimal Solution 8-13 Issue-5 Volume-4 Dr. P. Rajarajeswari | G. Menaka