<b>Global Perspective Cyberlaw, Regulations and Compliance</b> Cyber security provides protection to the internet connected networks and system from the cyber attacks. To stop attacks everyone must know and aware of all cyber law, regulations and compliance to secure the cyber. Cyber security is all about to stop cyber crime. Cyber security is must and we have to know about all safety measures required to stop cybercrime. This paper give details information about cyber security and its safety measure. Also we will discuss about the activities related to it and how actually cybercrime happens and all steps taken by the various organization and Government to have cyber ethics everywhere. Cyber security provides protection against the cybercrime and teach us what essential safety measures one need to follow from all cybercrimes. Securing online information is priority where everyone is involved with technology. Whenever anyone talked about cyber security, straight one thing comes in mind that is cybercrime and what safety measures need to take to be safe from it. Cyber security, cybercrime, safety measures, cyber ethics 4-7 Issue-5 Volume-4 Syed Meharanjunisa