<b>Studies on the Phyllosoma Larva of the Indian Rock Lobster, Panulirus Homarus Linnaeus, 1758</b> Attempts were made to develop a technique to rear the phyllosoma larvae of Panulirus homarus. The biological characters like fecundity, hatching percentage, larval morphological changes, feed inputs and moulting frequency till the fourth moult were studied. Morphometric and meristic characters of the larvae were also studied till the 42ndday. The larval output was directly proportional to the size of the gravid brood stock. Relationship between the duration of culture X and length of the larvae Y were shown by the relationships Y intercept = 0.5780 ± 0.1074 and X intercept = 0.7283 r2 = 0.8519 . There was significant p 0.0001 positive relationship between total length TL and carapace width CW of phyllosoma larvae. Phyllosoma spawners morphometric meristic fecundity moulting 1740-1744 Issue-4 Volume-4 S. Lazarus | J. C. Nisha | R. Thangaraja