<b>Bioterrorism An Introduction</b> Bioterrorism is a form of terrorism involving the intentional release of biological agents bacteria, viruses, or germs to harm people and spread fear. It is carried out by terrorists to create outbreaks of infectious diseases which will cause mass casualties, terror, societal disruption, or economic loss. Such outbreaks of infectious diseases pose a major threat to global health. Bioterrorism is regarded as a great threat to society as it involves the release of an organism without any warning. Bioterrorism and its potential for mass destruction have been subjects of increasing international concern. This paper provides an introduction to bioterrorism. Bioterrorism, biological warfare, chemical and biological weapons, weapons of mass destruction 21-25 Issue-5 Volume-4 Paul A. Adekunte | Matthew N. O. Sadiku | Sarhan M. Musa