<b>Design and Simulations of a Plasmonic Colour Filter Based on Metal Insulator Metal Resonators</b> We report a method for filtering white light into individual colors using metal insulator metal resonators. The resonators are designed to support photonic modes at visible frequencies, and dispersion relations are developed for realistic experimental configurations. Experimental results indicate that passive Au Si3N4 Ag resonators exhibit color filtering across the entire visible spectrum. Devices were fabricated using silver bonding and layer transferred lithium niobate. Full field electromagnetic simulations were performed on active resonators for which the resonator length was varied from 1 3┬Ám and the output slit depth was systematically varied throughout the thickness of the dielectric layer. These resonators are shown to filter colors based on interference between the optical modes within the dielectric layer. By careful design of the output coupling, the resonator can selectively couple to intensity maxima of different photonic modes and, as a result, preferentially select any of the primary colors. We also illustrate how refractive index modulation in metal insulator metal resonators can yield actively tunable color filters. Simulations using lithium niobate as the dielectric layer and the top and bottom Ag layers as electrodes indicate that the output color can be tuned over the visible spectrum with an applied field. Plasmonic Colour Filter, Metal Insulator Metal Resonators 1121-1128 Issue-4 Volume-4 Sakshi Raghuvanshi | G. K. Singh