<b>The Sun and the Medical Science Described in the Veda</b> The Sun is the greatest power of nature and the main foundation of the world and the life. That is why since ancient times there has been immense reverence for the Sun in the heart of man. The Vedic people have praised the Sun god in the entire five hymns of the ksa hita. Along with other deities, the Sun god praised jointly in many hymns and the mantras. According to the Rgveda Surya is the deity who illuminates the world. So, in praise of the Sun god, the physical sun has its characteristics. In the celestial region the main god is Surya. Pu a, Mitra, Savita – these three gods are also described in solar deities. According to Vedic sages, the name of the Sun’s nurturing power is Pu a, the name of the protector is Mitra, the name of the person who gives power and inspiration is Savita. Vedas are the representative texts of the science of knowledge in the world. In them, the sublime knowledge of our forefathers and sages is safe, which is the result of their long term experience and experiments. If all round and analytical study of Vedic tradition is done, it is known that there is a well organized collection of all physical and spiritual knowledge disciplines. In this paper, a humble attempt has been made to throw light on the topic “Sun and Medical science described in the Veda.” gveda, Sun and Medical Science, Vedic tradition, etc 1400-1402 Issue-4 Volume-4 Sanjoy Das