<b>Spirituality in Management A Key for Corporate Excellence</b> World is facing a very competitive time where everyone is running towards name ,fame, money and luxury .Materialism is at its brim and all have become so habitual of this lifestyle that the Ethical and spiritual part of life is left much behind. We will hardly see anyone who is looking for a grounded lifestyle along with ethical and spiritual practises. The emergence of expensive shopping arcades, highly costly hotels and restaurants, availability of multiple digital payment options, convenient online shopping of everything ranging from clothes, furniture, staples to all variety of meal options right at the doorstep is leading to continuous increase in needs, wants and desires of all classes from lower, middle to upper class. Spirituality has taken over the matter of reducing stress in workforce and management. The thought behind writing this paper is to know about the reality of corporate life. There is lot of debate on being spiritual so a research is carried out and survey is done to find out the exact mentality and outlook of corporate workforce. A lot of content is taken from hindu scripture Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta. Ethics Sprituality Materialsim Management Lifestyle Luxury Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta Stress Management 843-848 Issue-4 Volume-4 Ankita Ochani