<b>Quantum Computing Pinning Down the Age of Universe</b> Hubble, The advance technology leads to many discoveries in Astronomy world. One of them is estimating the age of universe. This paper provides an Overview on how Hubble, its Scientific instruments, Communication Technology, Computer Systems, Data processing and Analysis makes the scientists to estimate the correct enough age of the Universe. This paper also focuses on many aspects that leads to success of this theory. This paper also talks about calculating the age of stars by their variant factors, their clusters, formations and how Hubble also opens up the mystery about the Expansion of Universe, which is also known as “The Hubble Constant”. This paper give light to the future by using advance technologies, high tech scientific instruments, high end communication systems and very powerful super computers under Quantum Computing. Hubble, Telescope, Light, Object 715-718 Issue-4 Volume-4 Mukul Sharma | Rahul Kaushik | Dr. Latika Kharb