<b>Educational Problems of Women in India</b> The problem of women’s education in India is one which attracts our attention immediately. In our country, due to conservative traditionalism, women’s status has, through ages, been considered to be lower than that of men. During the later part of the Vedic period the Aryans had sealed the fate of women culturally and socially by denying them the right to study Vedas and thus half of the population was deprived of one of the most fundamental human rights. They were regarded as the bond slave to men for their economic dependence on them. Even today, in spite of the recognition of women’s status equal to that of men, the majority of them suffer in primitive ignorance as ever before. Illiteracy and ignorance is prevalent more in women folk than in men folk and this evil is rampant specially in rural areas and backward communities. Many parents think educating their sons is an asset to the family whereas educating their daughter is a waste of money because she eventually will get married and will with her husband they won’t get any monetary benefit from her directly. Another belief of rural parents is if the daughter studies too much she would have higher demand and would want an educated better half which would mean greater expenses in her marriage. Very often if the parent is willing to educate their daughter the accessibility to a school becomes a problem and sending the girl away to a town alone is considered unsafe, many a times if the school is located in the village its infrastructure, the student teacher ratio, no toilets for girls, inaccessibility to textbooks are the issues which come up. Women Empowerment, Middle Social, Dis empowered, Higher Education, Problem, issue 430-431 Issue-4 Volume-4 Dr. Swati Vasantrao Chavan