<b>Portable Code Compiler</b> The interest of coding aptitudes is soaring and not just only for designers, writing computer programs is assuming a greater job in each profession way. The main importance of ‘Code Up’ is to learn to code interactively. In this project we are providing interface with different levels of question to enhance their programming skills based on the level of the questions solved. We are using Servlet, JSP and oracle database with Model 2 architecture so that request and response can be handled easily. We are using reflection Application Program interface API and runtime API for the execution and compilation of the code at runtime. An online based program compiler to enhance platform independent services for multiple languages support. Regardless of dynamic working nature of compiling the program, it is also capable of handling multiple request of code execution. Even though it is specially designed for student programmers who want to learn and improve their knowledge about the multiple languages and understand the various complexities of code to be improved before implementing it into real world software as a part or a component. This platform provides a web portal where one makes their account for daily improvement as well as to gather information about their coding knowledge growth and other important guide. It will help indivisible, mainly student to increase their knowledge in the field of coding .The present working code compiler is available but it has a slate limitation it won’t execute all the programming languages. Moreover it might sometime throw an error. Some of the language like java IDE Integrated Development Environment Eclipse, Net Beans takes up a lot of space in the personal computer but the portable code compiler is completely mobile and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Code up Cloud Compiler Web Based Multi Languages etc 135-138 Issue-4 Volume-4 Rimmy Kumari | Ganeshan M