<b>Power Factor Improved using CSC Converter in PMBLDC Motor</b> This Project deals with a highly reliable electrical drive utilizing the Brushless DC Motor. The motor is fed by Voltage source Inverter VSI with a dc dc converter power factor correction circuit PFC as the VSI’s predecessor. The Performance of dc dc converters is analyzed and the results are discussed to arrive at the best suited converter. Neuro fuzzy Logic Controller is used as the Intelligent Controller for the BLDC motor. Reliable, low cost arrangement is thus provided to achieve unity power factor and speed regulation with accuracy. The Bridgeless PFC Modified SEPIC Rectifier performs power factor correction and DC voltage control in single stage using only one controller. The designed PFC converter results in an improved power quality at AC mains in a wide range of speed control and input AC voltage. Power factor is improved by using CSC converter. Proposed method works with better power factor. The proposed method is analyzed in MATLAB simulation and hardware is implemented. Brushless DC Motor, Voltage Source Inverter, Neuro fuzzy Logic Controller, PFC Converter, CSC Converter, MATLAB 43-53 Issue-4 Volume-4 Radhika S | Nisha P