<b>Scientometric Analysis of Library and Information Studies</b> A scientometric analysis is an effective method to increase the scope of library and information studies. The research articles presented have been revised to highlight the research done in the library and information studies area and to enable readers to read more information. In this research, a total of 9 volumes, 36 issues, 713 articles, and 8956 citations, etc, published in the International Journal of Library and Information Studies from 2011 to 2019 were referred for scientometric analysis. It shows the annual growth of published articles, authors distributions, geographical distribution, citations distribution, Degree of Collaboration, Etc. In a changing age, this study will certainly be useful to track the research literature available to expand the scope of library and information studies and to make transparent research. Scientometric Analysis, Distribution, Contribution, Article, Issues, Volume, Journal, Citation, Collaboration, Etc 65-70 Issue-4 Volume-4 Narwade Mukesh Ramesh